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This anthology contains twenty sensuous, erotic stories celebrating the strength of a woman: Mistresses, business women, warriors, whatever role she plays, whether she has always been strong or finds her strength, there is something so beautiful about a woman who knows what she wants.

An ensemble of talented writers of erotica will tantalize you with their sizzling tales of the alpha female.  Enjoy!

Contributors: Gwen Masters, Stanfield Major. Michelle Houston, Bes R. Walker, D. Musgrave, Rachel Kramer Bussel, Edward Levi, Dominic Santi, Paige Roberts, D. L. King, J.Z. Sharpe, Ann Cory, Brian Rosenberger, Lynne den Hartog, Alex Waldegger, Jack Diamond, Bonnie Dee, Kis Lee and Justus Roux


1. At the Office ~ Gwen Masters

Andrew has everything a high-powered man could want. The corner office in the very important firm. The bank account. The new car. The trophy wife. And a mistress who lets him watch as she fucks another woman. Life is perfect -- right?

2. Turnabout ~ Stanfield Major

Cheryl had always accepted that her husband was smarter than she was.  But as she felt the first stirrings of independence things began to change.  Then she learned his deep dark secret.  Was she smart enough to put him in his place?

3. Sensual Bonds ~ Michelle Houston

Jareth murmured in his sleep, a wonderful dream pulling at his consciousness.  His body screamed for him to wake up, that something was happening, but his mind was savoring the sensations of a petite nymph sucking at his cock.

Arching his hips slightly, he moved to pull his arms down to his sides, to capture his tormentor and coax her to continue her sensual assault.  He pulled again as his wrists caught on something.  Mumbling in a mixture of desire and frustration, his eyes flickered open as his cock hardened in Lily’s mouth


4. She Who Must Be Obeyed ~ Bes R. Walker

She Who Must Be Obeyed is a story about an extremely attractive, powerful and resourceful woman who takes on a Don Juan-type private investigator accustomed to having his way with women.  The story is a nimble sex rump revealing what happens when a film noire detective type, who has a policy of bedding every woman he fancies, meets a no-nonsense, strictly business, voluptuous heroine known as Double X.  Will our heroine persevere or will she become just another notch for our horny private dick?

5. Plumb Bob ~ D. Musgrave

Bob fails to obey the simple orders left by his wife/Mistress to call a plumber to fix a leaky sink before his wife’s big dinner party.  He makes matters worse by trying to fix it himself.  Finally, he calls the plumber to cover up his egregious error and luckily finds an available female plumber, who manages to fix the leak with time to spare. Later that night, while serving the meal, Bob discovers that the plumber is a guest at the dinner party and has to pay the bill for his misdeeds. The payment comes in the form of a spanking and having to pleasure his Mistress. The story ends with the promise of an agreement between the female plumber and Bob's Mistress.


6. Spike ~ Rachel Kramer Bussel

When he splays himself across my lap, the position feels as if he were meant to fit in the palm of my hand, his little bubble butt poised in the air, just waiting for me. Every babyish quality he possesses surges forth to the surface: his voice going higher, his body seeming to shrink just so, his eyes looking back at me with raw need and hope and urgency, as if I am the only one in the whole wide world who can meet his most visceral desires, and in that second, it's true. I feel like the queen of his world as I run a hand over his face, sticking a finger in his mouth, tracing my nails along his neck, while my other hand tickles the bottom of his foot, then lightly trails up his leg, needing to touch every inch of my newfound domain. I kick out my leg, admiring the way the shoe conforms to my foot, squeezing it just so, the tip darting out in a delicious point. Then I raise my right hand, bringing it down across both his sweet ass cheeks in a way befitting a woman wearing that shoe, befitting a woman with a man splayed across her lap like a baby. "Unh," he moans, or something like that, a guttural groan that has him kicking and squirming in delight. I raise my hand again, landing it on the other cheek, then bring it up higher, wanting a louder, harder smack. I hold his cheek steady with my other hand, flattening that perfect curve, then bring it down again, while he nuzzles his face into the pillow. I keep going, enjoying the sting as it travels up my hand.

7. Chained Melody ~ Edward Levi

'An imperious lady savors the perfect bath with the help of her blindfolded male attendant.'

8. The Woman of My Dreams ~ Dominic Santi

A man with a disciplinary wife gets reassured that being under his wife's control is worth giving up the wild side of life -- including female wresting at the Mud Pit

9. Caught ~ Paige Roberts

Starship Captain Diana Sevlan has set a trap and finally caught the dashing elusive rebel commander known only as the Wolf.  Now, she must use every persuasive power in her arsenal, whether it be torture or seduction, to turn the rebel to her cause.  But as Wolf’s piercing eyes and indomitable will frustrate and compel the captain, she begins to wonder, who is truly caught in this trap?


10. Subway Story ~ D. L. King

"As the doors opened, I wrapped my fingers around the front of his belt, inserting them between the leather and the denim, then gently pulled him after me down the hall.  I held him like this while I opened the door, then pushed him into the room, still holding onto his belt."

Sweet young hunk, Justin skips his art school classes and instead, gets quite an education from a very sexy, dominant, older woman. 


11. Going the Distance ~ Robert Buckley

In the suburb of Arondale the women are definitely in charge. And at the suburban wives club one husband is pitted against another in a high-stakes contest of distance and endurance. Tara has a lot riding on this wager, but she's confident her husband Michael is up to the challenge. And Michael, standing naked in a room full of boisterous women, will have to call on all his powers of concentration to prevail

12. In the Stable ~ J.Z. Sharpe

Lady Bastia has taken Lord Franklin to the stable for a secret tryst  - but are they truly alone?  Or is someone watching?

13. Stray Cat ~ Ann Cory

Life had never been sweeter after her mistress, Jersey, took her in, and oh, how she loved to tease. Kitty was made to wait on the floor while her mistress played dress-up. Then she was given permission to undress her mistress, and fuck her as if it were the last time. Delicious torture that she wouldn’t have any other way. 

14. The Big Bust ~ Brian Rosenberger

It reads like a grocery list of evil. Sinnerman. The Gorgon. Man-eater. Boner. Twisto. Sisters Grimm. Black Widow. Who will make the big bust, the police, the feds, the League of Decency, or one lone super sexy hero? Bombshell tries to make a name for herself and hook up all in one night and learns what it's like to be really wanted

15. The Siren ~ Lynne Den Hartog

He was a powerful man, totally in charge of his life ... until he met   Scylla. She captured his heart, ensnaring him in a web of seduction, yet never allowing him to touch her. It was driving him mad.

Even in his sleep he could not bear to be parted, and his nights were   full of her. When he closed his eyes her image filled his mind, and, as he drifted into unconsciousness, she would follow him. Here, at least, she did not turn away. When his hand stroked her silky skin she shivered with passion. Her clothes melted away to reveal the most beautiful body he had ever seen. His lips explored every curve and hollow, culminating in the moist promise revealed by her parted thighs. He worshipped her with his body and was rewarded by her unbridled screams of climax. 

16. The Philotas ~ Alex Waldegger

Helena is blissfully happy in her role as bodyslave to her beloved mistress, a Roman noblewoman. But when the Mistress buys another pretty young slave, Helena's world is turned upside down. How can she keep her place in the Mistress' favour? A battle of wills ensues between the two slaves until their owner intervenes with drastic force.

17, Savage Intentions ~ Jack Diamond

When the natives of an isolated tropical island introduce Kristin and her private pilot Falco to a life changing aphrodisiac, Kristin finds what her ten hour a day job stole from her; unrelenting sexual desire

18. Power Shift ~ Bonnie Dee

Emily can’t deny her sexual attraction to her boss, Jason, a womanizing bastard who treats his office staff like slave labor. One day, the quiet, mousy secretary has a chance to turn the tables on her domineering boss and take control for a while. Both discover they could get used to the power shift

19. Good Fortune ~ Kis Lee

A former domme finds the perfect fortune cookie that says: "Everything will go your way today." She decides to test it out with Tom, the young waiter

20. Man Hunt ~ Justus Roux

Noland and Brian wake up and find themselves on the planet Loma where women are the dominant sex. Warrior women have gone on a hunt...a man hunt.



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For those of us who like our women strong, Bosslady includes twenty tales of women who wield the whip, rule the roost, and generally prove that the fairer sex deserves (and often demands) due reverence.

There is a lot to be said for a strong and purposefully lady. Aside from the reflection in my mirror, there are few things sexier than a woman who is in control and knows exactly what she wants. Bosslady proves this with the panache and style that Justus Roux adds to all her anthologies.

Ashley Lister - Erotic Readers and Writers



In the library reviews
Reviewer: Lisa Lambrecht
Rating: 8 Gargoyles

All the stories in Bosslady are well written and very erotic. The authors did a wonderful job bringing a lot of dominating women's fantasies to life. Or maybe just women in general. In a world where the men are the alphas and in charge of supporting and caring for their women, it's a nice change to see women taking their life by the horns and living their life the way that makes them happy and not caring what the dictates of society says. All twenty stories were a great pleasure to read and I gladly and highly recommend this anthology.




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